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Donnie Yen on the Luxury & Precision of Life

29 November 2017

By Kien Lee | Photos shot on the NEW Huawei Mate 10 Pro

From 15 to 16 November, Chopard held for the first time in Asia, the L.U.C - l'Art dune Manufacture exhibition at the prestigious Tian Qu Yuan garden in Beijing.

The showcase, installed in the Imperial Centre for Arts and Culture, is a famous reception house in a royal garden fating back to the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Featuring exceptional models from Chopard's L.U.C collection, it presented an opportunity for guests to understand the craftsmanship of the manufacture through traditional techniques combined with a contemporary approach to design and watchmaking.

Chopard "L.U.C - l'Art d'une Manufacture" Beijing Exhibition Opening Gala | View Photos

On the opening gala of the exhibition, Chopard co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele invited international superstar Donnie Yen of Hong Kong as a friend of the brand, and we had the opportunity to speak to the actor/director.

You've done lots of projects throughout your career. Is there any particular project that you'd like to do in the future?
There are many concepts that is in [progress]. Actually I’m producing another film — It’s completely different from "Ip Man" or my recent film, "Chasing Dragon."

As an artist, and a passionate filmmaker, I like to always explore the possibilities as an actor… what are the boundaries? Not only as an action-actor, but as an actor. I [will] continue to strive for breakthroughs.

Any specific role?
I don't have a specific character [in mind]. I just like to challenge myself frequently, to see where I can go with, as an actor and a filmmaker.

How important is wearing a watch to you?
I think wearing a watch is very important for all men, and ladies. I think it represents not only as a time-keeper but is a symbol of inner gentleman. It's almost like a ritual, a culture.

For example, a gentleman would be formal, and dress up in a suit, as being a respectful guest to a dinner. And you would wear a simple watch. For a woman she would wear jewellery, or ear rings or necklace.

Do you have a story to tell of your first watch?
I don't remember. It's been a long time.

For the last 10 years, I've quite been fortunate that I didn’t have to buy a watch. The only watches that I buy… they were for my wife.

Has your perception of luxury changed before fame and now, after?
I’ve a little bit more money now! (laughs)

But… what is luxury to me? To me, luxury is more important to be comfortable, and to be with who you’re with, your company, your family. To me, that is more important than having the most luxurious things around you, if you don’t have anyone to share with, especially your loved ones.

I rather have street food with my family, than the most lavish meal with nobody, or with people that I cannot connect with.

Luxury is about quality. A timeless moment.

Other than financial security, what would you wish to leave for your family?
Your wisdom as a father, or grandfather. You leave your wisdom behind. You share your good things and the bad things.

Don’t make the same mistake as I made!

I see you’re a dedicated family man. As you see your career hit a second wind and take off again… How do you work that struggle to balance time?
Time is about precision. You have to make that effort to be precise.

When you make a watch, you have to put a lot of time, resources, dedication to make a masterpiece. It’s the same with your personal life. You have to put effort, balance yourself in life, and constantly strive to be better. No one is perfect, we're human.

It's extremely important for us to constantly remind ourselves what life is about. Life is about striving to be better when you get up. What did you do wrong yesterday and what you can do better today. I live by that [ethos].

I may not be successful in everything I've "sworn" to do. I try my best and it shows in my personal lifestyle.

From the roles I portray on screen, and how I live. You can’t fake that. You can be the greatest actor but you can’t fake who you are.

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